Rammco is proud to provide top-quality uniform services to businesses in Sacramento. Our uniform rental and laundry services are designed to help you maintain a professional image and promote employee safety and comfort. We offer a wide range of uniform options built to accommodate and elevate the unique image you strive to project every day to ensure optimal productivity and great first impressions. Here are just a few of the reasons why Rammco is your premier provider for uniform rental in Sacramento:

Restaurant Uniforms

We feature first-class restaurant uniforms that sport the versatility needed to meet the needs of the food service industry. Our stylish and functional uniforms help restaurants promote their brand. Maintain a professional image and keep employees safe and comfortable no matter the heat in the kitchen.

Sacramento Restaurant Uniforms

Hospitality Uniforms

Whether you’re in a hospital, hotel, or assisted living facility, we empower your employees with uniforms as durable as they are comfortable to ensure they bring their best. Rammco provides elegant uniforms for the hospitality industry to enhance guest experience and optimize employee performance.

Auto Mechanic Uniforms

Rammco brings durable and functional auto mechanic uniforms to the table, ready to withstand the demands of the automotive industry. The rigors of a long day on the job demand rugged garments that maintain their integrity, courtesy of reinforced stitching and pockets.

Lab Coats

Rammco provides high-quality lab coats designed to meet the unique needs of the healthcare and laboratory industries. They’re crafted with durable, breathable materials to promote comfort, safety, and honor the strict hygienic standards set by the medical industry.


Rammco offers high-quality coveralls designed to meet the needs of various industries, including manufacturing, construction, and automotive. Our coveralls sport the same industry-leading quality we implement across our entire catalog.

Sacramento Coveralls

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