Cleaning glass is a cumbersome task without the right tools on hand. Some towels leave behind smears or other residue and, for many leading brands, this includes lint. Rammco provides lint free glass towels that our customers love! They get the job done with no strings (or lint) attached!

Rammco Supplies Lint Free Glass Towels for California Businesses

Rammco is a leading supplier of facility cleaning products such as lint free glass towels in Northern California. Our products withstand the test of time and use high-quality materials in their designs. Here’s why you should go with our towels:

Reliable Cleaning

Rammco’s glass towels are not only effective at cleaning glass. They also boast high levels of absorbency and abrasion resistance. They will hold up to continued use and pressure for long periods of time.


Rammco provides a comprehensive commercial laundry service for all of our linen products. We utilize advanced laundry machinery, sophisticated tracking technology, and the skills of our team of experts to ensure every item receives the care it deserves. From cleaning to repairs and even full replacements, Rammco has you covered!

In Stock

Not only does Rammco ensure our lint free glass towels are always clean, in good shape, and of high quality. We also make sure our clients have a steady supply of them at all times! We handle inventory management for you so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of every towel. Our route service representatives will monitor your inventory and provide everything you need upon every delivery.

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