What it Means to Go Green with Rammco

What it Means to Go Green with Rammco

Finding an environmentally-friendly linen, uniform, mat, and dust control service is a hard thing to do. The physical requirements of the industry make it difficult to offer quality products and services while being environmentally conscious. Where there is a will, however, there is undoubtedly a way, and Rammco has found a way to go green. By reusing every hanger until its end life, we vastly reduce our presence in landfills. 

Why and How We Keep Our Operations Green

On a planet that’s increasingly suffering from unsustainable practices, there are steps that your business can take to reduce the impact you have on the planet. One of those ways is hiring Rammco Services, and becoming a partner in our eco-conservation efforts. Rammco has a couple of ways to help you go green!

Small Steps to Sustainability

Small steps, taken seriously and consistently, can have a great impact. Here are some of the things Rammco does to help:

Re-Use Hangers

One of the biggest sources of waste is also one of the least talked about: hangers. A report reveals that only 15% of plastic and wire hangers manufactured each year are recycled. The remaining 85% end up in landfills and some even find their way into the world’s oceans. It might sound like a small step, but by reusing hangers, Rammco helps reduce the billions of hangers that end up going to waste. It’s part of our continuous efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and become more sustainable as a business.

The Plastic Problem 

Plastic hangers are mostly made out of polystyrene and polycarbonate. Unnatural and requiring thousands of years to biodegrade, the more plastic that can be kept from landfills, the better. Compounding this urgency is the fact that these substances don’t stay there. They find their way into water and people as a result. In 2008, Canada banned polycarbonate for this reason. 

Ditch the Paper Towels to Reduce Waste 

Single-use items like those made of paper and plastic are some of the biggest culprits in waste pollution. Kickstart your year by taking on a more proactive role in environmental sustainability by replacing your paper towels and napkins with reusable kitchen towels and table napkins. With the right quality and the right laundry care provider, you can even extend the lifespan of each of your items.  

Have Your Linens and Uniforms Washed in Energy and Water Efficient Facilities

Believe it or not, there is a more sustainable way of doing your laundry – and your in-house equipment might not be it. Find a linen and laundry service provider that not only uses energy-efficient laundry equipment but also manages their water usage and wastewater efficiently.

Go Green with Rammco Today!

Interested in making your business more sustainable for the environment? Go green with the help of Rammco! Call us today at 1-916-865-6301 to find out more about our green programs and how we can help your business! You can also visit our website for more information.