How To Make Your Restaurant Environmentally Friendly

how to make restaurant environmentally friendly

Whether you’re a 3x Michelin-starred restaurant in London or a no-frills diner in small-town California, success is defined by similar factors. Exceptional customer service, short wait times, and mouth-watering cuisine is a consistent recipe for success.

Focusing on these tasks leaves little room for restaurants to think about another crucial element to bringing the total package to your establishment – environmental impact.

RAMMCO understands the importance of championing environmental best practices. They improve every aspect of your service in big and small ways. Here’s how we are evolving the food industry while respecting the world around us:

Tunnel Vision

Restaurants are competitive and sometimes management may overlook environmental safety while in pursuit of success. In a restaurant, environmentally favorable practices are sometimes thrown to the wayside. That might look like increased carbon emissions, improper waste disposal, or water overuse. 

Global Perspective

We are devoting ourselves to every step of the process when promoting environmentally friendly restaurants. What does that look like? 

RAMMCO has a global perspective on servicing you. Whether implementing sustainable laundry practices, developing reusable products that keep their quality, water conservation, or eco-friendly packaging, it serves to keep your environment clean. 


Because RAMMCO is in California, the importance of water conservation efforts deserves extra emphasis. Restaurants can burn through this essential life resource in the blink of an eye. Water is a precious commodity in one of the driest states in the country. We commit to promoting ecologically beneficial practices using state-of-the-art laundry facilities that get the most out of a little when servicing your restaurant linens. 

Strategic Shipments

RAMMCO offers comprehensive service to restaurants. We cover every aspect, from delivery to the kitchen to the table. To cater as efficiently as possible, we employ a green approach to transportation, up-to-date with modern standards established by experts in environmentally friendly practices.  

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Whether on a large scale, like choosing the right vehicles and best routes for our catering service, or on a smaller scale with cleaning products, no method is less important. In any avenue we can promote conservation, we’re going to go the extra mile for you and your customers. That extends to our eco-friendly cleaning products, which remove the harmful chemicals that linger and pollute the air we breathe while still performing the job to the highest standard. 

Worldly Approach

It’s easy to ignore the consequences of poor environmental habits. But RAMMCO embraces the worldly approach by preparing for the future. Through our dedication to being at the forefront of cutting-edge ecological techniques, we lead by example. By extension, you will too, when you employ our services!

RAMMCO Sets The Environmental Standard

Trust RAMMCO to provide the best environmentally conscious alternatives to our competitors. Contact us at 916-865-6301 or email for a free quote today!