2022: The Year of Uniform Service

2022 uniform service

The past 2 years have been taxing on just about every industry. Shortages of supply and labor, increased government oversight and regulation, and an unstable economy all shutter business doors for good every day. However, many businesses have survived these tumultuous times and even thrived thanks to uniform service! 2022 is a new year filled with fresh opportunities for your business. This is the year of uniform service, and RAMMCO is the provider to go to.

This is Why 2022 is the Year of Uniform Service with RAMMCO

RAMMCO provides Northern California with top-notch uniforms and other facility cleaning products. Our uniform service helps you:

Stand Up to Supply Chain Issues

A major benefit that comes with renting your uniforms from us is that we take care of inventory management for you. No longer will your business need to worry about ensuring your employees have the uniforms they need to perform at their best or stay safe. With us, you get access to long-lasting, reusable uniforms that we maintain to extend their useful lifespans. This means that we don’t struggle to stock our clients with uniforms the same way a provider selling them would, even during major supply issues.

Maintain Cleanliness During Trying Times

Now more than ever, proper sanitation is paramount to success in every business. That’s why you need help from RAMMCO! Our commercial laundry facilities are equipped with the finest technology, tracking systems, and talent in California. We specialize in cleaning everything from uniforms including contagions, stains, and chemicals. We also repair every item and replace what is too far gone to ensure that everything meets high industry standards for safety and quality.

Keep Employees On-Hand During the Great Resignation

Americans are quitting their jobs at an extremely high rate, peaking at an all-time high this past November. This labor shortage has shown that workers are much choosier about the kind of conditions they expect when signing up for a job. A great way to keep your existing talent on staff and to attract prospective employees is to provide top-notch uniforms! By giving staff what they need to perform at their best and ensuring that it is clean and safe to use, you provide an incentive that many businesses still don’t bother to include.

Save Money When Things Get Tight

The age-old debate about renting vs ownership finds its ultimate answer with RAMMCO: rentals are far cheaper and more efficient. Customer-owned goods come with a variety of their own hassles and expenses that simply don’t exist with our rental service. Signing up for uniform service with RAMMCO means you don’t have to worry about spending excess money on running an on-premise laundry, inventory management, or routine maintenance. Saving money is an especially important benefit to take advantage of as inflation rises and the economy continues to struggle.

Contact RAMMCO Today and Take Advantage of the Year of Uniform Service!

Now that we’ve entered the year of uniform service, sign up with RAMMCO today! We’ll help your business thrive in 2022 and beyond and all you have to do is call us at 916-865-6301. You may also fill out this form for more information or for a free quote on our products and services.

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